Wild Warlock Meta Snapshot #2

Welcome to the Wildhearths.com Class-Based Meta Snapshot! 

We’re the Wildhearths.com team, a group of top Legend players in the Wild format who have decided to create our own meta snapshot. Specifically, we want to showcase tier lists for specific classes, bring a fresh new take on meta snapshots, and highlight a number of interesting and powerful off-meta decks for the format! 

Thank you in advance for your interest in our work and snapshot. Feel free to contact us with any feedback and suggestions using the email wildhearths@gmail.com, by commenting on Reddit, or reaching out to us via Twitter. 

For today, we’re featuring Warlock, one of the most popular Hearthstone classes of all time — but one that’s in a rough spot in the current meta. This is our second report for the class. 

You can read the first one using this link:

Despite its historic popularity, Warlock is struggling to cope with the prominence of Secret Mage and Reno Mage, two of its hardest counters (making up over 30% of the meta!). The typical popular Warlock builds — Reno Warlocks, Voidcaller/Voidlord Combo Warlocks, OTK Warlocks, and Midrange Warlocks — all share a principal weakness: reliance on leveraging life to gain value and card advantage. With the Mage’s ability to quickly burn down opponents, this leaves Gul’dan in a vulnerable position. 

All isn’t lost: faster Warlock decks like variants of the SN1P-SN4P OTK combo can go off quicker than other builds, making them more viable. And greedier, value-focused warlock builds like Renolock have risen from the ashes of previous tier lists. But the added support Mage received in Saviors of Uldum have made even these builds take a hit, as early game survival becomes an issue.

Our Wildhearths Warlock Tier List: 

This list has been created by taking what we considered the best variants of the decks below. Please bear in mind that the tiers are within each class, therefore a Tier 1 deck for Shaman may not be as powerful as a Tier 1 deck for Hunter.

This list is not exhaustive. It might not include something you’ve seen on ladder once or twice. But it includes the most common builds seen with at least some frequency. Please do keep in mind that the tier list is decided by comparing each deck if piloted in the hands of a player who plays them optimally and minimizes misplays.

What each tier means: 

Tier 0: A god-tier deck that is far and away the best choice to climb the ladder with.

Tier 1: Incredibly strong for the class at the moment. If you want to win games, these decks are a great choice. 

Tier 2: Powerful decks, but either not as consistent as Tier 1 decks or with significant bad matchups against specific decks in the meta.

Tier 3: Decks that are still able to win games, but usually perform best in specific pocket metas where certain decks are not present, or with an exceptionally skilled pilot.

Tier 4: These are decks that are either badly-placed in the meta or have an overall lower power level. These decks require a pilot who knows the deck inside and out.

Tier 0


Tier 1

SN1P-SN4P OTK Combo Warlock

Tier 2

Darkest Hour Warlock


Mecha’thun Combo Warlock

Treachery Warlock

Tier 3

Even Warlock

Cube Warlock

Egg Cube Warlock

Tier 4


Even Reno Warlock

Tier 1

— SN1P-SN4P OTK Combo Warlock — 

SN1P-SN4P has been dethroned from its position as a Tier 0 deck. The abundance of Secret Mage has caused an overall decline in power level for all Warlock decks. The horde of Mage decks on ladder is also painful for SN1P-SN4P, as it makes executing the combo harder thanks to secrets like Explosive Runes and Potion of Polymorph. Spending mana and turns to test for secrets can mean life or death against a deck as hyper-aggressive as Secret Mage. 

As a result, many players have increasingly opted to run at least one copy of Plague of Flames, to help fight for early board. 

This deck typically runs two win conditions: the standard Summoning Portal/Mechwarper/Sn1p combo, plus a secondary combo using Glinda Crowskin. In the current meta, however, sometimes two win conditions is not enough. Zephrys, for example, can generate mass removal out of thin air and most classes received additional mass removal in Uldum. Therefore, some decks have begun experimenting with the addition of Brann Bronzebeard, Zola the Gorgon, and Expired Merchant to generate additional value — and combo pieces — against the greedy control decks at the high Legend meta. This version of the deck, however, is more challenging to pilot than normal, so do not instantly expect the same results as BMKing, who took the deck to #46 Legend in EU. We also feature HiddenPants’ list which he has taken to #3 Legend, showing the strength of this deck!

More common variations exclude this value package for a more standard combination of Bloodmage Thalnos, double Darkbomb, Mortal Coil, and Antique Healbot

Bmk’s #46 Anti-Control SN1P-SN4P OTK Combo Warlock

Bmk’s #15 SN1P-SN4P OTK Combo Warlock

TheRottedZombie’s Legend Anti-Secret Mage SN1P-SN4P OTK Combo Warlock

HiddenPants’ #3 Legend SN1P-SN4P OTK Combo Warlock

Tier 2

— Darkest Hour Warlock — 

Darkest Hour Warlock is one of the most straightforward Warlock decks to pilot.  The game plan? You want to have Bloodbloom, Darkest Hour and a way to generate a board full of tokens. You can then use Darkest Hour to cheat out a full board of massive minions far earlier than any deck can deal with them. This can be done as early as turn three if you have the coin and two Bloodblooms!

Against more aggressive opponents, you want to return to the traditional Warlock plan: clear the board and cheat out Voidlords, while also trying to get the combo off rapidly by drawing lots of cards. 

Darkest Hour Warlock has seen a surprising amount of play this season thanks to the addition of new Uldum cards Sinister Deal, Plague of Flames, and Colossus of the Moon. The best versions of this deck, however, still rely on old friends, running two copies of Nerubian Unraveler, as they can be cheated out to ensure a passive Loatheb-like effect. Another spicy inclusion in many versions is Barnes, which, like in Big Priest, can be used to cheat out any number of valuable minions. Bear in mind that these decks have been played before the nerf to Barnes, so it is possible he will now be cut.

This report, we’re featuring a version successfully piloted to ranks as high as #1 Legend 炉石助手 | 采花 in China and #6 by MasochismDog also in China

炉石助手 | 采花’s #1 Darkest Hour Warlock

MasochismDog’ s #6 Darkest Hour Warlock

Renolock — 

While SN1P-SN4P has been ousted from its Tier 0 positions, Reno Warlock has jumped from Tier 3 to Tier 2. The deck is a Swiss Army Knife: building off of the Warlock’s defensive shell, it techs in cards as the meta demands and rises to meet new challenges. 

New Uldum staples like Zephrys the Great and Khartut Defender have proven to be quite valuable in the deck, as they offer additional survivability tools against early aggro and burn attacks. Zephrys also allows us to cut many situational tech cards like Gluttonous Ooze, Big Game Hunter, and Siphon Soul  in favor of more efficient minions to better fight for board. With a package of Zephrys, Kazakus, Bloodreaver Gul’dan, N’zoth, Archivist Elysianna — and using Brann Bronzebeard, Zola the Gorgon, and Expired Merchant to get multiple copies of these cards — Renolock has enough value to outlast basically any deck. 

Looking at the meta, card choices and techs, Renolock can have good matchups against other grindy control decks like Reno Mage while also being able to cheese wins with Zephrys, Dirty Rat, and of course Reno against Aggro decks like Secret Mage. Annihilator recently hit #3 Legend on EU with his different take on Renolock, while Spirituus hit #10 on EU.

Annihilator’s #3 Anti-Control Renolock

Spirituus’ #10 Renolock

— Mecha’thun Combo Warlock — 

When this deck highrolls, little can be done except to pray for combo disruption. But the deck doesn’t always highroll, and therein lies the problem with the archetype. Playing Hemet, Jungle Hunter on six to thin your deck (with Bloodbloom in hand) is not always guaranteed, and if you don’t get a Voidcaller down early it’s hard to win because the deck has poor midgame. 

Mecha’thun Warlock, as commonly seen on ladder, can combo as early as turn 10 if everything falls into place. This seems fast, but pales in comparison to the Sn1p-Sn4p combo, which can go off as early as turn four. The deck also suffers from Warlock’s general vulnerability to burn, so many decks choose to run heal packages with Mistress of Mixtures, Antique Healbot, or Reno Jackson. 

All told, this is why Mecha’thun sits in the middle of the Warlock pack. This report, we feature MajorTomHS’ list that he piloted to #46 Legend on EU.

Another viable — but more infrequent — option is to run a Corpsetaker package, which provides badly-needed midgame bodies, taunt, and healing. Therottedzombie recently climbed all the way to #73 Legend in North America using this variant! The list was created by Hijodaikan quite a while ago and can do better against Secret Mage’s and other Aggro decks.

MajorTomHS #46 Mecha’thun Warlock

TheRottedZombie #73 Mecha’thun Warlock

— Treachery Warlock —

Treachery Warlock has seen little innovation by the community this expansion. Hijodaikan’s original version is still the most common list on the ladder, and possibly the best, but we feel there is hidden potential in utilising new Uldum cards Sinister Deal and Plague of Flames to better handle Secret Mages and aggressive matchups while also providing cheap fuel for the Treachery/Fel Reaver combo. 

BMKing, along with a range of other players recently hit High Legend with Hijodaikan’s Treachery Warlock list, so the old variant is still capable of success. An example of this is Goku, who finished #9 legend with this exact list.

BMKing is also experimenting with a cheaper version that focuses on a lower mana curve in order to better handle aggressive matchups, ditching one Fel Reaver, one Glacial Shard and both copies of Corrupting Mist for two copies of Sinister Deal and two copies of Plague of Flames. This is more experimental, but in a Secret Mage meta seems to make sense.

Hijodaikans Treachery Warlock


BMKings Treachery Warlock 


Hijodaikan’s Treachery Warlock

BMKings Treachery Warlock

Tier 3 

— Evenlock — 

Another expansion, another low for Evenlock. The influx of Secret Mage and Reno decks has proven to be a disaster for the deck, as the typical plan of tapping over and over sets you up to die fairly easily to burn or big minions.

There might be a light at the end of the tunnel however, as new Saviors of Uldum card Diseased Vulture has proven to be a fantastic secondary win-condition and value engine. Eater of Secrets and Kezan Mystic have also helped in the matchups against Secret Mage and Reno Mage. Some lists are even returning to a double Wrathguard package thanks to its added synergy with Diseased Vulture. This report, we’re featuring several lists, starting with Yamidoesgames’ list which TRiPz_HS recently piloted to Legend in North America! 

Over in Europe, HiddenPants found success with his Evenlock with Diseased Vultures, reaching as high as rank #5 Legend! 

TRIPz_HS’ Legend Even Warlock (made by Yamidoesgames)

HiddenPants #5 Even Warlock

— Cubelock — 

Cubelock has fallen from the title of the best midrange deck for Warlocks in the Wild format. It sees limited ladder play, its power squandered by the influx of Secret Mages and sometimes even Reno Mages, which with their numerous polymorph effects (in addition to Zephrys) can greatly hinder the decks gameplan.

Expired Merchant has given the deck an edge it desperately needed against control nightmares like Big Priest and Reno Mage. And, although Luna’s Pocket Galaxy is the flavor of the month at five mana, an early Skull of the Man’ari is comparable in power level as it cheats out big demons. The deck’s standard package, centering on Carnivorous Cube, remains an efficient gameplan, as it’s one of the few Warlock decks that can defeat Secret Mage on turn five by summoning a Voidlord and duplicating it with Cube and Faceless Manipulator. 

Cubelock is in a bad place right now because the majority of the meta is Hyperaggro decks like Secret Mage and Odd Rogue, alongside Greedy control decks like Reno Mage and Renolock which armed with their Polymorph effects really put a dent in Cubelocks plan. You never really find the time to play your Skull vs Secret Mage and following the new changes to Zephrys being able to discover weapon removal your skull is going to get oozed most of the time. Mecha’thun Warlock, Treachery Warlock and Darkest Hour Warlock are the top 3 Void Caller/Voidlord decks for a reason. The reason being, Cubelock doesnt have a guarantee of pulling Voidlord vs Aggro decks. You usually end up with a hand consisting of Doomguards, Malganis, Cube, N’zoth and Gul’dan which means you just die on turn 5 to aggro decks.

This report’s featured list is created by HONGOHIROSHI and was piloted by him to #3 Legend in China. 


— Egg Cubelock — 

Egg Cubelock is an alternate build of Cubelock which has been seeing quite a lot of experimentation, especially in the Asia Region. 

The addition of Wild’s many types of eggs and ways to pop them gives the deck a much stronger early game, being able to generate powerful boards to contest aggressive decks. The issue with the deck is that it isn’t as powerful against control, while still being unfavoured against aggro, making its position in the meta more uncertain. 

A meta-specific benefit of running eggs is that they can be used to trigger Mage secrets, therefore if you are facing lots of Mages this is the best flavour of Cubelock for you! 

We are featuring one deck here; it was taken by Hatatagami to #75 in Asia: 

Hatatagami #75 Egg Cubelock

Tier 4

— Zoolock — 

Towards the bottom of the Warlock ladder, Zoolock has seen only fringe use and success — largely on the back of new cards like Sinister Deal, Plague of Flames, and Expired Merchant teched into a package with the Wild format’s many different eggs. Recently, we saw asdfadsli142857 pilot their version as high as #2 Legend in China! As a fun bonus, generating infinite Cruel Dinomancers is a good secondary plan when paired with an aggressive early game.

Another zoolock list that has been making the rounds is also made by asdfadsli142857. This deck relies very heavily on eggs, while also including many different ways of triggering their deathrattles. Furthermore the deck includes the lackey package, which is very flexible. He was able to pilot the list to #9 legend on China. 

asdfadsli142857’s #2 Zoo Warlock:

asdfadsli142857 #9 Egg Zoolock

— Even Reno Warlock — 

Even Reno Warlock is another deck that has started to see some experimentation on ladder. The deck benefits hugely from the addition of Zephrys, which is an incredibly powerful card.

Reno Jackson is very powerful in this variation of Evenlock, as your gameplan relies heavily on using Life Tap to draw lots of cards. In a meta littered with Secret Mage, this can be dangerous, so Reno aims to shore up the deck’s primary weakness.

The main issue with the deck is due to the nature of running a highlander deck. This means you can only run one copy of your powerful cards: Defile, Molten and Mountain Giant, Hooked Reaver, and Lesser Amethyst Spellstone. 

This snapshot’s featured list is from NA player GetMeowth, and it is a list he took to Legend with a win rate of 23-10. His list also runs a Mecha’thun package, giving the deck an alternative win condition against Control decks. 

GetMeowth’s Reno Even Mecha’thun Warlock

— Off-Meta Decks —

Below are several off-meta Warlock decks. These are great for casual games, if you’re chilling on the rank floor, or want to surprise an opponent with an unusual deck, but don’t fall into specific tiers because they’re almost never seen on ladder.

Leeroy Jenkins Cube OTK

The plan is simple: control the board while drawing your whole deck. You then need an empty board to play double Summoning Portal into Leeroy Jenkins for six damage. You then use Carnivorous Cube on Leeroy, copy the cube with Faceless Manipulator, and put Void Terror in the middle, to unleash another 24 damage straight to the face. 

Summon Warlock

This deck centers on sticking Fel Lord Betrug and then using big draw effects like Plot Twist to summon minions with deathrattle synergies. Alternatively, the deck relies on Dollmaster Dorian to generate 1/1 versions of drawn cards — ideally also deathrattle minions to cheat out stats for less mana than playing them naturally. Want to spice up the plan even more? Add an Augmented Elekk to the mix and watch your deck go infinite! 

Carpet Hobgoblin Zoolock

This has the bones of a typical Zoolock list, but also includes a package of Magic Carpet and Hobgoblin to buff low-cost and low-attack minions. Additional snowball value can be generated by old-school Zoo staples like Darkshire Councilman. 

Bmk’s Sn1p Sn4p Nagalock

Imagine Sn1p Sn4p Warlock. Imagine Nagalock. Now combine these together to get one of the most ridiculous decks out there for the Warlock class. Is it good? No! But it combines two of the most frustrating decks to play against of all time. That must be worth something! 

Leeroy Jenkins Cube OTK Warlock

Summon Warlock

Carpet Hobgoblin Zoolock

Bmk’s Sn1p Sn4p Nagalock

Bmk’s #79 SN1P-SN4P Treacherylock

This deck is a hybrid of the Sn1p-Sn4p OTK and Treachery Warlock. It’s still unclear how the two different combos will fit together, but BMK had success at high legend with the deck, so we’re featuring it for your examination. 

Bmk’s Pure Nagalock

This deck is simply just the naga combo with a warlock control shell.

Magma004’s Silence Warlock 

Magma004 had a good run with this deck before the release of Saviours of Uldum. The deck aims to consistently create threats, running the opponent out of resources. Chef Nomi is included as an alternate win condition, using Fel Reaver to mill your own deck. 

The benefit of running the silence deck in Warlock is due to Life Tap enabling you to refill your hand, Ratcatcher which is incredibly powerful with your large minions and Shadowflame to clear your opponents board. 

Right now the deck is in a bad place due to the presence of Aluneth mage, but if it’s prevalence ever falls, this deck is definitely worth trying. 


Iskari’s Discolock

An old fan favourite which many players would like to see work but just tends to fall short of competitiveness due to inconsistency. Featured list is an aggressive build that aims to blow opponents out of the water as early as turn 5 by playing obnoxiously overstatted minions and snowballing out of control before the enemy has any chance of stabilizing. With the right curve it is capable of beating anything from Pirate Warrior to Big Priest, but can cause mild rage and possible uninstall when those random discards don’t go your way. Pro tip: go face. 

RenoJackson / WildCardHearth’s Big Warlock

Big Warlock is a new deck created by WildCardHearth and taken to #23 Legend by RenoJackson. The deck aims to generate massibe amounts of value, destroying any control deck.

The deck has been compared to Darkest Hour Warlock, but you can choose when you play your threats against control. The issue with the deck is its incredibly weak against aggro, due to a severe lack of early game. The deck is worth trying if you find yourself in a pocket meta with only control decks!

Bmk’s #79 SN1P-SN4P Treacherylock

Bmk’s Pure Nagalock

Magma004’s Silence Warlock

Iskari’s Discolock

RenoJackson / WildCardHearth’s Big Warlock

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You can read our last meta snapshot using this link:

Thank you to the following players for helping us with the report:

Magma004 – Co-ordinator, Website Manager, Writer

Bmk – Co-ordinator, Writer  

Romulus – Co-ordinator, Writer

Mørbeck – Lead Co-ordinator 

Iskari – Editor 

TheRottedZombie – Writer, Editor 

HiddenPants – Writer

Knoepklapper – Writer 

TheGreatGoku – Writer

m3s – Writer

Pure – Expert 

Spirituus – Expert